Monday, 10 January 2011

Chemistry Obsession

Littletree has been really getting into the chemistry and physics kit she got for Yule from her wonderful godmother Poly Nucleotide.

83 christmas morning

It was her favourite gift and exactly what she wanted for a long time, it also goes well with the microscope she got a while back.

89 chemistry set

First off we sat and read through the instructions together. Littletree took the safety precautions *very* seriously and wore all the included safety equipment diligently. She was even nervous that I was supervising her and I didn’t have protective goggles on.

90 chemistry set

She got to learn about a few different compounds and polymers, and practice using equipment like pipettes and test tubes for measuring

91 chemistry set

She made lots of cool stuff, including rubber putty and glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls, and a bunch of stuff that explains a few concepts in physics

92 chemistry set

The funny thing is the kit is labelled “For ages 10+”, apparently Poly didn’t manage to find anything labelled for younger kids – it seems 7 year olds aren’t supposed to be “ready” for chemistry and physics at any serious level. Littletree read that label and we thought it odd; the kit is really a bit basic for a 10 year old, but we remembered that at 10, most kids in school haven’t been really introduced to chemistry or physics, so maybe it does make sense. LOL


  1. Thanks for posting this. Zach got an electricity kit from his grandparents for the holidays and LOVES it. Now he's been asking for a chemistry set (which I am all for so he'll stop mixing my soaps and kitchen things into gooey expensive messes!) I wondered if they were any good. Looks like they are! I will put it on the birthday list. Have fun being a mad scientist!

  2. Looks really concentrated in her chemistry experiments.
    Looks funny, too: googles, gloves and barefoot...8-)

  3. Oh that's hilarious! I didn't even notice or think about her being barefoot! LOL it never said anything in the directions about wearing shoes, though I suppose that's just a given for most folk.

    boatbaby, I think some of the sets are good and some aren't really worth it. We were lucky enough to have a family friend who is a real life scientist with a degree in chemistry to get it for us :)

  4. she looks so professional in her goggles! i was wondering if the flooding was impacting your plans for the rainbow gathering this month? might i add that i still haven't found my chartered flight yet :-) this is also a gentle reminder that we're eager to read your entry re: the anniversary of your dreadlocks. hope you're enjoying that new Ipad!

  5. This kit looks awesome. Littletree looks so happy, so focussed. She's in her element, I think! (Oh, and I just got my own pun…!). :)

  6. herradaana, don't worry, I didn't forget the dread post, it's coming up!

    great pun helena :)


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