Sunday, 16 January 2011


Purple and Littletree went to the Australian Rainbow Gathering this weekend… and yes, I’m still at home.

It’s the first time ever either of them have gone to rainbow without me. I have a client due to birth any day now, so I’m staying home. Littletree was so excited to go to rainbow and see her friends, she didn’t really mind that I wasn’t going too.

It’s all about being flexible. On one hand, I so much want to keep my child at my side and protect her from everything, on the other hand, I do trust her, and she needs to know that I support her while at the same time she has her freedom.

Anyway, she’s there with Purple, so I shouldn’t worry! And I am a tad wishing I was at the rainbow too, though to be honest, I’m also glad to be out of the rain and mud and keeping myself healthy.

Before they left, Littletree was doing some acrobatics and showing off her circus skills, and I asked her if she can stand on her head. This was the reply:

06 headstand 

07 head stand

LOL! She’s always been very flexible from her fingers to her toes

05 flexible fingers


  1. I have a similar photograph of myself at about her age "standing on my head" LOL

  2. I love the pose! I remember we have to master that pose for P.E. back in the days.

  3. LOL @ LITERALLY standing on her own head :-P cute

  4. Yep, flexibility combined with your child knowing that you are always there for her is so important.
    And that photo is so cute and clever:)

  5. Please check into hyper mobility and ehlers Danlos syndrome... Protect those joints... Early


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