Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New Zealand World Rainbow Gathering (part 1)

After we rested a day in Christchurch, waiting for the scouts/ seed campers to announce the new site for the world rainbow gathering (the original site had been flooded, necessitating evacuation and re-scouting), we drove out to the new site, an easy 3-hour drive, and then a 40-minute walk from the car park to the main site (Littletree valiantly walked in with me more than half way, when we were happy to accept a ride with Peter Pan on a 4WD bringing in supplies).

Walking the last kilometre, past where the 4WD could reach, we came through a beautiful valley, where Littletree ran off ahead of me, skipping and shouting, “I’m home!”

The site was spectacularly beautiful.

Though we had frequent rain

But rain means rainbows!

It was cold at night (a couple of times, snow fell on the mountains)

The river was freezing cold, but there was a hot bath (outdoor tub with a fire under it), perfect for a rainy day! The hard work of getting a bathtub full of water hot with wet firewood was worth it in the end.

Set in a valley with breathtaking views (notice the bathtub at the bottom next to the river).

More to come tomorrow!

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  1. hat looks amazing - can't wait to read/see more. What a beautiful photo of Littletree standing behind everyone - she is just gorgeous. x


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