Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A day in Christchurch

Silly me; I guess I forgot to read my own blog, and I’d forgotten that I’d already said some things… eagle eyes might notice that my last post was edited slightly LOL

40 carSo we spend a day in Christchurch, which is a nice little city, exploring in the “el cheapo” car I rented to get us to the rainbow gathering (since it’s not so much fun hitch hiking with a child). It was a nice car – and being pretty old and crappy, way cheaper than I’d expected. and it was GREEN :) 

We went to the Canterbury Museum, which was pretty cool. There’s a house there entirely decorated with Paua shells which was awesome. The house had been in a small town in the south, and this old couple lived there and opened their home as a tourist attraction for decades. After they died, the museum got all their house and rebuilt it in the museum.

05 paua shell house

Littletree got to have a go on an old Penny Farthing bike

09 chch museum

But her favourite exhibit was the 19th century toy shop that had an amazing doll’s house

10 chch museum

After the museum we strolled around the botanic gardens, which was lovely. Littletree ran around smelling flowers

11 chch botanic gardens

While I took pictures

14 chch botanic gardens

And we played in the rose garden

21 chch botanic gardens 

Littletree learned about sundials

22 chch botanic gardens

And then we lay down in the grass for a rest… while Littletree practiced her cartwheels

24 cartwheels

Finally Purple got up and played a bit too

26 cartwheels

You can see more photos from our time in Christchurch on my flickr page HERE. Stay tuned for the next instalment of the world rainbow gathering.

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