Friday, 22 January 2010

Adventures in Adelaide

After the World Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand (which you can read about HERE and HERE), we went home via Adelaide, South Australia, where I wanted to attend a midwifery workshop with Lisa Barrett from In a strange twist of events, I didn’t get to do the workshop, but sometimes the universe guides us in funny ways.

On the flight (which was a cheap ticket with Virgin), the air stewardess was going up the plane inviting all the small children to come to the front of the plane and get their faces painted! That was pretty cool – reminds me a bit of the days when kids were invited to come up to see the cockpit.

01 face paint

We stayed with old friends of Purple’s – they all travelled around in Scotland together 8 years ago, and they now have two daughters who are 5 and 2.5. The girls had a great time playing together.

They got crazy with nail polish

13 nail polish

14 nail polish

and made Papier Mache beads

60 bead making

And the impossible - sewed flowery pink skirts out of an old curtain and then climbed the mulberry tree in them.

44 mulberry fairies

52 mulberry fairies

We went on a little driving tour around the Barossa Valley area, and saw the Herbig Family Tree - a really cool big old tree that has a massive hollow trunk – an entire family used to live in it 150 years ago.

43 treehouse

We did get to do some fun things in the city. We went to the South Australian Art Gallery, and the South Australian Museum. They had a cool exhibit on fossils for the school holidays

07 fossils

But Littletree’s favourite part was the minerals

08 mineral rainbow

We also got to have dinner with my brother and sister at the Central Markets

17 family dinner

It was great to catch up with them – Littletree was so excited. She took this picture of me and my sister – pretty wong-kee! LOL

19 me and sis

Sadly, Littletree’s only pair of shoes broke, so Aunty Chicky took her to get new ones

20 new shoes

And then we simply *had* to sample the chocolate fountain

21 chocolate fountain

Well, I didn’t have any coz I’m allergic to chocolate, but Littletree LOVED it (and so appropriately, since we were listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on tape in the car).

23 chocolate fountain

We also had a picnic at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with my friend Poly Nucleotide

40 verity seq hat

and Littletree got to meet her cousin for the first time

34 seq annabelle

Littletree’s faerie nature coming out

42 mushroom fairy

And we stumbled across a meeting of the South Australian Spinners guild, who were all our in the park with their spinning wheels, and were very happy to show us how it all works. I want a spinning wheel!!!

29 spinning

Finally, we got to come home :) Ah, it’s so good to be in my own space again.

More pictures from our adventure can be seen on my flickr page HERE


  1. I LOVE that picture of Little Tree on the mushroom...too sweet! I need to hug her! Yes I do! One of these days we shall have to meet. I have been reading of your adventures on my Itouch this week. I kind of killed my computer (AGAIN) woops! I swear technology and oneself do not get along. I think the kids are going to kick me out soon. :-(

    I so love the pictures of RAINBOW especially the circle and the sun set. Gorgeous! I was offline for a week and actually got creative again. I have a little ways to go but Im trying to stay off the computer as much as possible and just check in for mail and the occasional blogging. Well I was doing quite well till I saw your name in my comments and thought! OMG I have not been on LL ...must go visit...must go visit..he he! No its okay.. AOTE already had me over there after she sent me some mail.

    In my neck of the woods, my babies are growing up and running hoo...dd1 is looking for a house in Newcastle, closer to work and uni, dd2 (the little bugger) is running away to Melbourne, she was there for two weeks and now wants to leave. She has been packing all week. Half of me is so happy for her and the other half is freaking out. (When I look at her I still see the 3 year old singing silly songs and all innocent) Looks like this year is full of surprises, new beginnings and excitement hey? Well I have been dreaming of birth a lot! hehe!

    Now this comment is getting a bit long! I should have just sent mail! LOL

    Hugs and smoochies my faerie friend! mwah xoxoxo

  2. Glad you liked our wonderful city of Adelaide!We have lots of fun but keep it quiet we don't want it to get too crowded!!

  3. She has gotten SO BIG! OMG! I took down my blog and lost all my links, lol. So glad I popped back on MDC and found you again :D


  4. wow...glad I found you!! And I wish I'd found you a little earlier, then maybe we could have met up when you were in Adelaide:) I'm a spinster and creatrix - I've got a feeling you'd dig my creations and approach to it all, and also an unschooling mother of 5 children, soon to be 7 as I'm gonna have twins in August, and yes! Lisa Barret will be one of my midwives. I love everything I've seen about you, your attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle, the rainbow gatherings, the travelling life.....all things that we identify with and aspire towards more of!! Would love to connect with you, and maybe take our clan to a rainbow gathering....I found you when doing some research on unschooling to give some information to a hugely judgemental woman living on our community with us, who is sure that we're damaging our kids by not sending them to a waldorf school......the more I find out about unschooling, the more I realise that I've actually been one longer than I knew!! Me and my fella are both Frisian too, which is a whole other trip, and a cultural and genetic mandate for FREEDOM!!! Would love to tell you more about it and me and us, and learn more about you and Littletree and Purple and where you live....Love, Respect, Peace and Freedom!! Hellena

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