Sunday, 15 November 2009


Purple got the idea to do a big puzzle; something fun to do together that isn’t watching DVDs. We found some good ones at the store and set to work.

The first step is spilling out all the pieces…

32 puzzle

Then sorting them in to colour groups and edge pieces.

31 puzzle

Start to get the edge all together and begin filling in the details (note Purple wearing the very appropriate XKCD t-shirt I got him for his birthday)

34 puzzle

We got all the picture done, and then set to doing the sky, which is the hardest, since all the bits are just plain blue.

35 puzzle

Littletree really enjoyed the project – it’s the first time she’s done a puzzle that isn’t meant for little kids

36 puzzle

The finished product!

38 puzzle

This was only 500 pieces, but now we’ve done that, we’ve got a 1000-piece puzzle to work on :)


  1. That's great, did it take long to do? Niamh has been doing the 50 to 100 piece ones, so she would probably enjoy sharing a more challenging one with us.

  2. I bought the exact same tshirt for Brian for his birthday this year!!

    Not sure how often you read my blog but you really should check in....big news!

  3. really jen? thats so funny that we bought the same t-shirt for their birthdays! great minds and all ;)

    and congrats; you're right, I hadn't peeked at your blog for a couple weeks.

  4. when u were breastfeeding for those FIVE years did u drink at all? and about unschooling...during a normal day at home...what do u do for schooling. i know all about unschooling but i was wondering about u in particular. i'm "unschooling my kids right now and my in laws are having a fiiiitttt!!!!! lol. it's hard....kind of like a religion!

  5. she would probably enjoy sharing a more challenging one with us.

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Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)