Friday, 13 November 2009

Lush Liberated Learning Camp

This week Littletree and I were away at the Liberated Learning Camp – there was about a dozen families and around 30 kids all camping at Thunderbird Park on Mt Tambourine in southern Queensland.

It was awesome to see everyone, many of the people I only know from the forum, so it was cool to meet them “IRL”. It was also really cool to see how a big bunch of unschooled kids interact together. Ages ranged from 12 months to 15 years, and all the kids were playing and getting on really well, running around, riding bikes, throwing frisbees, climbing trees, swimming in the pool and in the creek, fossicking for crystals...

We spend a lot of time hanging around the campsite, chatting while the kids played

52 camp hang out

Here’s Littletree having a snuggle with some friends

40 camp tent

There were a bunch of activities, someone brought a parachute

42 camp parachute

And dress-ups

46 camp dressup

And facepaints

48 camp face paint

Valleysprite spent hours and hours painting all the kids faces

51 camp face paint

They played twister and some other board games

53 camp twister

Evening storytime

54 camp storytime 

After the kids were asleep, the grown-ups hung around the campfire chatting about unschooling, life, the universe and everything

55 camp fire

There was horseriding that Littletree loved

58 camp horseride

And we went on a few excursions around, including going into a mine to dig for thundereggs, and we went on a bushwalk to Curtis Falls, and the kids went into a glow-worm cave (while the adults went tasting at a local winery), I taught some Capoeira, we saw possums, and heaps more!

We had such a fantastic time, and can’t wait to do it again next year. A big thanks to Valleysprite for organising it! 


  1. Well Im glad someone took some pictures! Very nice! Im so glad you all had such a wonderful time. Very nice face painting!

  2. Oh I was so sad to miss this! A dear friend had a blessingway at that time so I had to forgo the camp. Will be keen to hear about plans for the next one :D

  3. What on earth are Thundereggs? I'm dying of curiosity now :-/



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