Saturday, 28 November 2009

Nature Experiments

Littletree borrowed a book from the library this week called “101 Nature Experiments”. It’s pretty much what it says it is – step-by-step instructions on doing fun experiments that are somewhat educational.

She’s taken to reading upside-down lately

70 reading upsidedown

We’ve been having fun going through the book and doing the experiments, and incidentally, Littletree is learning a lot from it.

71 experiment

Littletree has also been reading a lot to her dolls, which is very cute.

76 reading

And we’re learning about architecture and form with a boxful of carpentry off-cuts we got from a neighbour – Littletree has been working on building castles for the faeries, which is loads of fun, and it’s great to see how she works out the logistics of fitting all the different shapes together and balancing them. Unlike regular kids blocks, they’re cut unevenly and have odd shapes.

85 block castle

Meanwhile, Purple and I are still hard at work improving the garden, here’s me mowing the lawn with my machete. It’s effective, good exercise and uses no fossil fuels :)

89 mowing 


  1. Somewhere around here we have a book called "Orla's Upside Down Day". My girls loved it when they were little and I would be forever find them doing upside down things.

    I am loving the lawn mower. I will have to get me, one of those. Faerie included. LOL Dh is currently trying to concrete the rest of my backyard so he and the boys can install a half pipe!!!!! I don't think the faeries will like it! I know I wont.


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