Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rainbow Gathering part II

In following on from my last post about our trip up to far north Queensland for the Australian Rainbow Gathering (which you can read HERE), here's some more highlights from the journey:

Regular drum circles in the evening

008 drum circle

Me drying my hair after a swim:

014 dread mama

I brought a pretty extensive first aid kit with me, both herbal/homeopathic and allopathic, so I found myself treating lots of minor injuries and illnesses, including this chamomile tea eye-patch:

018 rainbow pirate

We had some spontaneous lessons - Littletree decided that we would save her pocket money while we were at the rainbow (there's no where to spend money there anyway) and she wanted to work out how much money she was saving, which led to discussions about multiplication tables. She was fascinated with the idea and quickly learned the 1, 2 and 10 times tables, as well as a bunch of the 3 and 7s. When it started getting tricky, we moved on to using groups of pebbles to work them out.

033 learning

Purple played his silver flute a lot and impressed us all with how good he's getting

034 flute

Here's one of the things I crocheted - a rainbow striped hat that took me about 4 or 5 hours. I also added some sections to Littletree's blanket and made myself mohair leg warmers.

050 hat

In rainbow people can really show their true colours :)

044 simon

039 daisy

We had a resident hygiene hand-spray cowgirl

041 hygiene cowgirl

Hair-wrap workshops

051 hair wrap

and the best breakfast ever - here modelled by the most gorgeous woman

066 rose

And of course no rainbow would be complete without an all-night mission to make more pizza than 100 hippies can eat!

060 pizza mission

The oven was awesome - made out of an old barrel and structured with stones and mortar made from termite hills, it survived four rainy seasons and is still going strong!

061 pizza mission

The beauty of rainbow magic was that one brother had a vision to make pizzas, and then 2 other guys showed up to help that turned out to be an Italian chef and an American pizza chef!

055 pizza mission

And what rainbow mission would be complete without some funky music and a bunch of people dancing!?

059 pizza mission

Okay, there's more, but this post is getting way too long. I'll save the trip home for another post tomorrow. You can check out the full album of photos on my flickr page HERE


  1. Amazing pictures! I think my favourite one so far here is you drying your hair. Love the hat you made, I might have a go at making one myself, I have been looking for something like that for ages. (Not being much of a hat wearer, I am constantly getting into trouble off the other mama's in our group for wearing a headband out in the sun instead of a hat. One friend suggested one of those rainbow ones as she felt it would entice me a little! LOL! Did you use cotton?)

  2. geeez MF, you have the best life! I wanna go to one of those gatherings, they look like so much fun! (but I think I am too unhippy to fit in, so will live through your stories and posts!)


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