Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Crochet Queen

I've been getting back into crochet since the rainbow gathering. I used to crochet a LOT, but I haven't done much in the past couple of years except for the occasional water bottle holder and teaching crochet workshops at rainbow gatherings.

At the rainbow gathering I added a few more heart sections to Littletree's baby blanket that I started when I was pregnant with her - every now and then I add a bit more to it, so it grows as she does

15 heart blanket

I also made the hat I mentioned before and a new water bottle holder for Littletree - this one pink with a crocheted Brazilian flag on it (because Littletree is Brasilian)

14 brasil bottle

And I made myself some matching leg warmers and wrist warmers from this yummy mohair blend wool I bought years ago in Turkey.

107 crochet

They're so warm and fluffy :)

09 wrist warmers

So I'm getting back into it, having realised that I don't need to set aside time for crocheting - I can just keep some yarn and hooks in my handbag and work on things whenever I'm hanging out somewhere.


  1. I love your blanket.
    Have you checked out Ravelry theres lots free patterns for crochet and knitting.

    I can only do a simple chain stitch. I want to crochet some baskets, and crochet then felt them. For little peoples treasures.

  2. I want to learn to crochet MF! That looks awesome! I tried to teach myself a few years ago but found knitting easier, so gave up on the crochetting. I also love the hat you crochetted!

  3. love the quilt. I was going to suggest ravelry dot com too but Anne beat me to it LOL

  4. Lovely pieces of art. You did a wonderful job on the rainbow quilt.

  5. Gorgeous work! I love that blanket and the water bottle holder! Turkish wool is great isnt it? I had a stack of it years ago (did not last long).

    Thanx for reminding me to keep some handwork in my bag. I used to and got out of the habit. I think mainly because I took on such big projects. LOL.

    MY SIL wants me to crochet her a baby sling in cotton. I must admit with crochet I have not yet graduated from the tradition rounds of squares. So a challenge it will be!

  6. Oh wow! I love little tree's blanket and those arm warmers are funky as! :)

  7. Iove doing free-form crochet like your blanket. It's beautiful

  8. hi beautiful
    we might go and see you in majikfaerieland on monday or tuesday (probably tuesday) if that's still cool...otherwise tell us when :)

  9. And you're into crochet too!!!! The parallels are mounting up:) You gotta go check out my facebook page (I sent you a friend request), and on there on the left down the bottom is a link to my blog, and on my blog is a link to some galleries I've got on Deviantart and Flickr, and I've also got a stack of photo's on Facebook, and a group on Facebook called 'Spunout Wool & Art' which is probably the easiest to access.....you're so beautiful!!! And a writer too!! I'm in the process of writing a book about 'birth, sex, and death' (I reckon I'm pretty qualified) and have written a book about my approach to fibre art as well, called 'Post Phyber Philosophy'. Would love to explore your head a bit more and chat!!

  10. Just wondering, are the water bottle holders easy for a beginner? And if so would you happen to have a pattern? (:

    1. they are super-easy for a beginner - it's what I usually start with when I teach crochet to first-timers, but I don't have a pattern as such.

      I start with making a chain the circumference of the bottle, then join, make a few single crochets, then chain off, and single crochet after missing as many as you chained off, repeat around the circle, trying to "time" the chains to finish halfway through the first chain, connect the last loop into the middle of the first one, and continue like that till it's long enough to stretch the length of the bottle. Then close using shorter chains, and do a handle. I attach the handle by threading it in and out around the neck, which doubles as a drawstring so it's tight on the bottle but removeable.
      does that make sense?

  11. Hello Crochet Queen,

    My grandson is Brasilian. I would love to make the Bottle holder into an Afghan. Do you have any thoughts? My email is revalentine1123@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. I will just make one with the colors at least. It is his request that I use the colors. I would love it if I could actually do the flag.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Robin,
      the Brasil flag is relatively easy, if you just start out with the simple circle, and then to make that into a square, add in corners like you would a regular afghan. To make the inverted square around that, I did the same thing, but with extra stitches to make the new corners.

  12. Hello again, Thank you for the information. I have never done a circle before & I've been making myself crazy. :-) Missing my Auntie who taught me what I do know. I found a few circle rug patterns, thank Goddess. I believe I can do it. I also found a patern for a diamond around a circle. I may just be able to succeed. LOL Thank you much for your quick reply. I will hopefully show my finished product soon, as my grandson is anxiously waiting. Take care, Robin


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)