Thursday, 23 July 2009

In the Valley with the Sprites

Though we were sad to leave the rainbow gathering, we were glad to be heading home. After driving all the way up there in  and take 4 days to get homethings a little slower and take 4 days to get home, which sounded like a good idea at the time, but the reality was spending twice as many days bored in the car.

Littletree managed to pass the time by singing. At the rainbow someone had been singing a Christian song that has a refrain of "Jesus, Prince of Peace, Glory Halleluja". Littletree clearly had the song stuck in her head, and she sung it constantly for about 1500km. Well, a version of it anyway:

Jesus, princess bees.

We did stop often so we could stretch our legs and let Littletree have a run around. Her frisbee skills are greatly improving

086 frisbee

We also searched for faeries in the gorgeous tropical parks around

090 waterfall

Finally we made it to Valleysprite's house for a visit. The kids all had a great time, playing with the ducks,

092 duck

Playing in the forest cubby 

098 forest cubby

and climbing the sheaoak saplings

100 tree climbing

Valleysprite made an amazing cheesecake - all organic with flaxseed flour

105 su's cheesecake

and we finished off with a go on their ginormous swing

108 swing

It's seriously the best swing ever!

110 swing

It was a fun trip, but it was nice to be home. Except for the huge pile of laundry we brought back with us!

111 laundry


  1. Wow! I think it was worth the slow trip back to visit with VS! Love the pictures. Zak wanted to know how Littletree got up into that swing as it looks so high in the picture. (so I showed him the one where she is up the cubby, he was most impressed. LOL)

    Z and J have grown so much since I last saw a picture of them. The cheesecake looks divine. (and yes I am slightly jealous, but very happy for you at the same time).

    OH and by the way that washing pile looks like our daily one!!! (I think dd1 makes that much washing on her own in a couple of days)

  2. That clip of Little Tree singing cracked me up!

  3. That song is hilarious! My 5yo does a very interesting version of the national anthem too LOL

  4. That song is hilarious! My 5yo does a very interesting version of the national anthem too LOL


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