Saturday, 13 December 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Littletree has spent most of her life either in third world countries or in non- Christian countries, so until now, the concept of Christmas has been mostly unknown to her.

Of course, now that we live in a Western country, and there's tinsel and pictures of Santa Claus pretty much everywhere, she's cottoned on. Last year we avoided the whole idea by skipping off in December to a rainbow gathering, but this year, she's been talking to other kids, and she's all excited about the idea of "going to Christmas".

I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, since her father is Jewish, I'm an Animist and Littletree herself has announced that she's Hindu, we don't really have much to do with Christian holidays. The over-commercialised aspect of Christmas rubs me entirely the wrong way, not to mention the bastardisation of pagan holidays and old European traditions.

Still, Littletree is excited about Christmas. I asked her what she thinks it is and she said "pretty shiny tinsel, Christmas trees and Santa" I asked her what Santa is and she said, "he's that old Christmas guy with red clothes."

Littletree doesn't have any concept of Santa coming and giving presents in the night (an idea I wouldn't perpetuate anyway), or even of expecting presents for Christmas. She merely wants to have tinsel and a tree to decorate in the house.

I thought we could decorate a tree in the garden, but what with us not having any smallish, reachable trees near our house, and the torrents of rain we've been getting, I bought her a little plastic Christmas tree in the dollar shop, and some tinsel and baubles from the op shop.

She LOVES it.07 xmas tree 09 xmas tree

Littletree spent ages decorating the tree, and putting baubles up around the whole house. I thought the tree would be put on a shelf in the corner, but Littletree has been playing with it constantly; she gets it down and sets it up in the middle of the living room all the time :)

Of course, I got a book from the library about traditions and holidays from cultures around the world so we can learn about Christmas and all the variations. We'll talk about the religious Christian aspect, as well and the old European traditions, and the pagan basis for things. We'll talk about the secular aspects of Christmas and how the religious Jews view the holiday, (the extreme of whom reserve the day for tearing the whole year's supply of toilet paper!) and solstice, Diwali, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc.


  1. Yep, the tree is one of the prettier xmas traditions. She looks entralled with it. Merry xmas LT.

  2. Im with you on the whole xmas thing! We do celebrate because of my family but each year it irks me more and more. Such a waste of resources and money. I used to let my girls decorate a pot plant when they were little then they wanted a real tree. We use the same one every year. I do love the family time xmas brings but not the shopping side.

  3. PS> I love the fact that Little tree is playing with her tree. It irks me when people yell at their kids not to touch it. After all it is supposed to be for them!

  4. My children play with our tree too LOL
    There's not many deco's on it anymnore.. just some tinsel.

  5. I asked Malachi what he thought Santa did, and he said "Wears a funny hat." We have a 'summer tree' here.

  6. We baked 'stained glass' biscuits to go on our tree yesterday and they looked lovely, for the three hours they lasted BEFORE we read the instructions that said 'if placed on tree DO NOT eat afterwards'. The general opinion was that it wuld be a terrible wate of yummy biscuits! WHO in their right mind would want to hang perfectly good biscuits on a tree when they could be eaten there and then??? Yuletide greetings to all xXx

  7. oh yum hippymummy! we tried to make those once, but only got as far as making the candy.

    anyway, why can't you eat them after they've been on the tree?

  8. I suppose it's down to hygene really. When they've been knocked off or licked by the dogs a couple of times then i'n not sure they'd taste quite as nice as they did when we ate them, lol xXx


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