Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My Hairy Neighbour

As if the crazy big ant wasn't bad enough, yesterday Littletree looked out the bedroom window to see this "little" guy on the eaves:

12 spider

I wasn't crazy enough to put something next to him for scale, but he is about 15cm (6") leg-span. Thank goodness for zoom; yikes!

I closed the window quick smart though, and just opened it a crack to take the photo before I closed it again. Littletree was really interested in it and spent quite a while studying it through the window. (It's just a huntsman I think)

In any case, we should be getting possession of our new house soon, so we'll be saying goodbye to this hairy scary.


  1. What a beauty! We had a big one like that running through our lounge room once, it was so big I thought it was a mouse at first. Well, I hope he/she isn't planning on snuggling up in bed with you guys, as it is a bit wet out there ATM!

  2. I was thinking you meant something else by hairy neighbor. LOL Good riddance, you hairy thang you!


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