Thursday, 21 March 2013

Currumbin Virtual Photowalk

Continuing on from our Authentic Aussie Experience with Tif and Andy, we all met up with Michael who was hosting a Google+ Virtual Photowalk™.

The Virtual Photowalk is actually a very cool concept. Essentially, some people on Google+ decided to help show the world to people who can’t see it, by bringing them virtually, in Hangouts (HERE is a neat little CBS news clip about it).

Michael’s setup is pretty darn cool – he has a big, fancy video camera, with a smartphone mounted in, and mobile internet connection, so the feed from the video was streaming in the Hangout, where several people from around the world could watch, and the whole thing was recorded so it can be watched later. Check it out HERE

30 Currumbin virtual photowalk

Being a photowalk, we did, of course, take a lot of photos (You can see the full album of our adventures (HERE)

25 mama

As did Littletree

32 kidlet photographing

(and yes, this is a photo of me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me…)

We arrived in time for the morning feeding of the Rainbow Lorikeets

27 rainbow lorrikeets

29 rainbow lorrikeets

And then it was right off to the Koalas,

34 koala

Because both Littletree and Tif were super excited to cuddle koalas – this is Abby

85 koala cuddling

We tried to feed Tif and Littletree to a croc

47 croc

But failing that, we fed kangaroos

57 feeding kangaroos

We saw cassowaries (because Angry Birds in Australia are really angry – do not mess with Aussies)

 74 cassowary

We saw the cutest little ginger tree kangaroos

63 tree kangaroo

We rode the train

78 train

And did I mention we took lots of photos…

72 Andy

We spent a lot of time on our phones checking out Google+, 73 Googling in the forest

posting, sharing, chatting, and in general engaging with thousands of people, and joining in the hangouts, so it felt like we had the whole world of all our friends with us


So much awesome!


Especially the awesome friends right here

79 Faerie and Tif

And we took lots of photos.

40 kidlet

Then, all tuckered out from walking around… and taking so many pictures, we retired to the beach for an awesome brunch

93 brunch on the gold coast

Fun times! And of course, entirely educational, especially the part where Littletree challenged Tif to a Big Bang Theory quote-off.

89 brunch on the gold coast

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