Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Authentic Aussie Experience

Last week Littletree and I had some visitors from the USA come to stay – the most awesome Andy and the most gorgeous Tif made it all the way to our rainforest hideaway!

So awesome to get to meet good friends from Google in real life!

21 Tif and Faerie

Of course, it was still flooding, though the rain had mostly stopped and the waters gone down a fair ways, getting in to our place was quite the adventure for city folk (at least Tif is a tough Jamaican)

33 walking out

And crossing the creek with luggage

30 walking out

Actually, they arrived after dark, so that made it even more fun, these are the photos of when they left.

Of course, I had to make them a traditional roast dinner – Kangaroo Roast

94 roo roast95 roo roast

And cake, which goes without saying - Tif’s favourite; a tres leches cake.

97 tres leches cake

We explored the rainforest around the back of my property

03 andy

08 Sequoia

And climbed up to the spring

05 Tif

And climbed up the mango trees

10 mango tree

Google+ Hangouts from the tops of a tree was pretty epic!

19 in the mango tree

And Littletree and Tif bonded over their mutual love of Chupa Chups

23 lollipops

We went out to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and got to see all manner of awesome critters and even cuddle koalas, but I’ll save that for its own post tomorrow :)

Most of all, we had a fantastic time, and were sad to see them go, even over Thai food.

36 Sequoia and Tif


  1. looks like fun. love the connections made over the internet. when I was a kid it was snail mail, and all my "penfriends"!

  2. I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! Looks like a wonderful time! Xoxo

  3. it was pretty awesome, and yeah, the internet has taken "pen pals" to a whole new level.

    Beth, you know you're always invited

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