Monday, 30 July 2012

Love Lemons

My gorgeous little lemon tree – the first tree we planed when we bought this house, because when asked if I had to choose just one kind of tree, what would it be? I always answer: lemon!

Because lemons are awesome and so versatile and they fruit all the time and I just can’t live without them.

Lemon juice, lemonade, lemon tea, lemon meringue pie… lemons go in so many things.

My poor tree suffered from a wasp blight a while back and needed to be massively pruned, but it’s recovered nicely. We also had problem with bugs munching the poor dear down to a twig, I make up batches of really strong chilli tea from my chilli bush, and spray the leaves with that to keep the insects away.

So the little lemon tree is about three years old now, and it’s finally given its first real crop!


In it’s denuded state the tree barely able to support the weight of half a dozen lemons. Propped up with bamboo stakes, she does alright, and YAY!



The first harvest is always so much awesome! When life gives you lemons… be thankful!


  1. They look delish! My fave lemon recipe is for lemon butter/curd and this one is super easy as it's done in the microwave (it's the one I use to impress people...when really I toss everything in a microwave safe container and nuke it)

  2. thanks! I reckon I could adjust that recipe to be done on the stovetop


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