Sunday, 29 July 2012

Faeries on Ice

So, we’re totally getting into skating of all sorts – after my recent foray into Roller Blading with homeschool group, we’ve gone to the roller rink a couple times more, and this week we went ice skating again with the Gold Coast home school group, which is vibrant and thriving.


Remember that Littletree is a long-time ice skating enthusiast, it’s great to see how she’s improving over time, and her confidence and skill level is improving so much. And since I’ve started skating more, I’m getting a whole lot more confident myself


I even got confident enough to teach a few of the absolute beginners in the group, which was great – I made some new friends along with practising skating :)


I even managed to get myself up to a decent speed going backwards, and then turn around to face forwards while still going in the same direction. Which I thought was a pretty great achievement, until I saw the awesome tricks Littletree is pulling off…

P1080760 (2)

And of course we got into discussions about physics, gravity, friction, the laws of motion, and somehow, genetics while skating.

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