Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I want Malaria for my Birthday!

Littletree’s latest passion for learning is focussed on microbiology – she spends a lot of time talking about various bacteria, reading up on them, looking online at all sorts of things and pouring over my medical textbooks.

A friend of ours has a collection of plush microbes that Littletree is so excited about, and now she wants to start a collection of her own.

What’s not to love about learning microbiology through playing with stuffed salmonella-shaped teddy-bears!?

So now Littletree has been spending time pouring over this website: reading about the various microbes, cells and bacteria, learning the latin names that go with the common names, picking out her favourites, and hinting very loudly that her birthday is this month.

Apparently she most wants cholera, common cold, e.coli, giardia, Epstein-Barr disease, lyme disease, malaria, platelet, salmonella, staph and the white blood cell. And a long list more, but I can’t remember them all! If anyone wants to get Littletree a birthday present, there’s the best bet. (message me for shipping address)

Oh my word, how long before she wants actual cultures and a bio-hazard suit!



  1. Lol, so cute - I think a good idea for schooling:)


  2. I LOVE these! I want to get one for a
    friend who's a lab technician - but
    how could I possibly choose just one!


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