Thursday, 19 April 2012

Best mother ever

I want to write a tribute to Tsfira, who is Littletree’s paternal grandmother. While we got off to a bit of a rough start, we ended up really loving each other. She welcomed me into the family with an open heart.

Tsfira treated me like her own daughter, took care of me when I was sick – even sat by my bedside and brought me home made chicken soup every day one time when I was in hospital! She’s one of the most open-minded, vibrant, beautiful people I’ve ever had the honour of knowing.

It seems most people have some sort of battle-stories to swap about how awful their mothers are, or how rough the relationship with their parents is… some more than others, of course! But Tsfira is truly the mother everyone wishes they had. She is so incredibly caring, reasonable, supportive and loving.

She didn’t agree with us unschooling Littletree at first, but she accepted a few John Holt and Alfie Kohn books and read them with a totally open mind, and in the end, respects our parenting choices and supports us, even in the choices she wouldn’t make herself.

I feel truly blessed to have someone so caring and special in my life and I wanted to write this post for her birthday, which was already a week ago! Actually, I started writing this post weeks ago… I’ve been talking about writing it for months, maybe even more than a year, but in line with my current motto of no more procrastination, now is the time!

So: happy birthday Tsfira, even a little belatedly. You are truly awesome, and I hope I’m even half as awesome as you by the time I’m eighty!


Sadly I don’t have many photos to choose from – this one was taken on a visit in 2008


  1. Ansanity the Fucker26 April 2012 at 7:20 pm

    happy birthday Nan. You look lovely. And I genuiunely hope you are not in the queue - unlike your grand daughter, for staphloccocus, diptheria, the english disease, dysentry, salmonella, leprosy, Ansanityxx


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