Friday, 6 January 2012

Homemade Harvest

The past month has been such a frenzy of homemade awesomeness. Harvesting yummy veggies from our garden


Including cassava so we can make our own cassava chips (as well as so many amazing delicacies)


Amazing, delectable, organic, home made cherry liqueur, which tastes like an explosion of fluffy bliss bubbles in your brain

15 cherry wine

Hannukah Sufganiot


Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream made from local, raw, organic cream, and served with my organic, raw macadamia and honey ice cream


Gingerbread yoni cookies made by my neighbour


And last, but not least, a local farm stall gave us a massive box of “seconds” tomatoes for only $2! What to do with such a tomatoey abundance?


Tomato Chutney!



In between the moments of madness, there’s been SO MUCH AWESOME!

I love eating locally, I love eating food that we grew ourselves, I love making from scratch all the things that even our grandmothers have forgotten how to make :)


  1. There's something so fulfilling in serving dinner with ingredients you've grown yourself :)

  2. totally, Elisa!
    I love that so much of what we eat comes from right here, and I know exactly what went into it.

  3. The Irish Cream looks delicious;)


  4. Hi Ive been reading your blog posts since about September and stumbled on here and I just loving hearing you post your life its so exciting. It actually gave me the strength to be presistant and try blogging for real. You're amazing! And Littletree is just precious... All your food looks amazing btw.

    = Tess

  5. So....when we get together, how bout you cook?? *GRIN* Looks absolutely amazing, and lush, and buying locally rocks, and you do amazing things with your food and life and everything:)

  6. thanks tess and orianne :)

    and hellena: TOTALLY!

  7. Hi majikfaerie, I have here a local delicacy
    from Switzerland:-)

    Argovia Carrot Cake

    1 1/8 lb Carrot; shredded
    2/3 lb Butter
    7 1/8 oz Semolina
    7 1/8 oz Eggs; only yellows
    3/8 c Milk
    7 1/8 oz Hazelnuts, blanced
    7 1/8 oz Egg whites
    3 1/2 oz Semolina
    3/4 lb Flour
    7/8 oz Baking powder
    3 1/2 oz Apricots marmalade
    7 1/8 oz White confectioner's coating
    2 tb Lime juice
    First Step : - prepare springform pan - wash & shredd carrots - heat white confectioner's coating and lime juice - heat apricot marmelade
    Second Step : - Beat butter and sugar well - Beat in the yellos from the eggs, one at a time, blending well after each addition. - Stir in milk, Hazelnuts, carrots and flour - Beat white eggs and sugar to 'snow' and stir together - Pour batter into well greased and floured springform pan - Bake at 350f until set - top with apricot marmelade ~ Cool in pan - top with white confectioner's coating

  8. oh awesome orianne :)

    Will totally try that one :) I have carrots growing in the garden an everything

  9. You're welcome and to success:-)

    I have only a roofgarden, but a wonderful view...



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