Saturday, 28 January 2012

Artist Connection

I’ve recently come to know an amazing soul, Marc Wynter, through my best friend Bella. Since Bella has been staying at my house the past week, and she talks with Marc online most every day twice, we’ve become quite well acquainted.

Anyway, he just shared with me images of some of his amazing artworks, with the offer of gifting me a large print!

I’m absolutely in love with this first one, called Mother, which has the text “Mothering makes me feel like a pre-historic creature roaring in the dark”


Anyway, Marc is very keen to get feedback on his work, so please give your comments, insights, creative criticisms and reflections in the comments!

beautiful woman

Beautiful Woman



last night I saw venus

Last Night I Saw Venus

Joy of motherhood

Joy of Motherhood

Frog goddess

Frog Goddess


  1. They are beautiful but I especially like Mother

  2. Juggling is wonderful::)


  3. those are so beautiful! there is sense of fluidity (sp?) in all of them that is so hard to capture. if he is selling the "last night i saw venus" piece i am definitely interested in it!

  4. They are awesome. I love the top two.

  5. cheers everyone :)
    Camille, I forwarded marc your comment

  6. they are really lovely! my favorite is 'juggling'....that's where i am in my life, a constant juggling act.


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