Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Whale of a time

Yes, it’s been a while. I am going through some personal stuff that’s… well, challenging. Haven’t felt like blogging, but life goes on.

it’s been a long, bitterly cold winter. Two weeks ago we went over to Byron Bay with homeschool group to go whale watching. Frrrrreezing!

61 HS Byron whale watching

Okay, well, the sun was out, and nice to bask in, so it wasn’t *that* cold

71 HS Byron whale watching

And everyone went in swimming without getting hypothermia! But still, it’s the depths of winter, I swear!

The kids drew in the sand, wrote messages, and played hopscotch

63 HS Byron whale watching

And we all hiked up to the lighthouse to see whales

77 HS Byron whale watching

Loads of fun, and entirely edumacational!

75 HS Byron whale watching

Here is an amazing picture of the ocean, where a whale had just breached, but I was too slow to snap a photo. So, yeah; just a boring picture of the water.

73 HS Byron whale watching

Still, it was very cool to see whales, and the kids had a super-awesome time

72 HS Byron whale watching

We even got a glimpse of the famed Byron Lighthouse Goat!

79 HS Byron whale watching


  1. Love the goat and the beautiful waters. Hoping that days like that give you some relief. And that it may soon be permanent.

  2. you do sound very flat, hope you are back up sooner than later :)

  3. I guess I am a bit flat. also: recently single.

  4. oh that is sad. Single as in seperated from Purple or from other significant being? go gently my friend :)

  5. Single as in separated from Purple; he broke up with me over a month ago... and broke up with my much beloved girlfriend, Ariad, 2 weeks ago as well (unrelatedly). Single as in: not in a romantic relationship.


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