Monday, 22 August 2011

Meet May

The newest member to join the majikfaerie family – May. She’s a home-schooled girl, also eight years old, just like Littletree. May came to live with us for a while because her parents are on a three-month long seminar cruise in Hawaii, which is really boring for kids.

May and Littletree are getting on great. May’s parents are incredibly rich, so she doesn’t know much about living in a normal house, but we’ve been showing her how everything in the kitchen works, and how to do things like sweeping the floor and getting the fire started.

May is exactly the same size as Littletree, which is great, because May’s luggage didn’t arrive yet, so they’re sharing clothes and accessories. Littletree is totally ecstatic to have a kid her age staying with us; the two of them are getting along so well, making up songs and dances together, playing games, trying on clothes, building cubby houses… it’s loads of fun!

Yay for new best friends!

07 may


  1. i wonder if may is related somehow to that kid you adopted in india...
    that was just as good, especially as i had already read the text aloud to the mr. before scrolling down to the picture!

  2. ah hahaha! too funny Lady Demelza!

  3. Love her! Hope she had fun staying with you :)

  4. So funny! Had me going for a bit, till I looked at the picture!! Hopefully she didn't make a mess in the kitchen, silly kids!!

  5. Oh they get up to all kinds of mischief!


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