Saturday, 19 February 2011

One Billion Seconds

My birthday just passed last month – one billion seconds since I was born.

According to some calculations, I passed one billions seconds on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at 6:49:40 PM (local time, which is the same as the time I was born in). Depending on how the billion seconds is calculated, and depending on daylight savings and whatnot. Also, some seconds are longer than others.

Like the second when Littletree was born – that’s a second I will  remember and cherish always.

The second when Littletree was about 2, and running down a street in Tel Aviv towards a bomb that was about to be detonated was a second that stretched out for a really long time.

The second when we crashed our car that was probably about 20 seconds, but it all happened in a second of my perception.

Time is rubber, sometimes the seconds race by, sometimes they drag on, but every one of them is precious, every moment is worth living for and worth cherishing.

We change the future with every choice we make, and we make choices every second, so make them count.

Ela 2 days old

Me at around 16,000 seconds old (2 days).


  1. majikfaerie, this is stunning and beautiful and true and I just wish I was sitting by you right now, so you could see me leaning forward and nodding and smiling right into your heart, as you've just spoken into mine.

  2. what Hellena said :)
    Awesome post!

  3. and you were a very cute baby btw

  4. Wow... Thank you for sharing...and happy belated birthday! :-)

  5. I'm so glad i found you again now... Thinking about it awhile now, finally remembered my blog... i'm on the same land mass as you finally...

    but... can we find our way to email / text / facebook?? I don't have your email anymore...

    Alison from rainbow

  6. What they said ;) Happy Birthday and beautiful post.


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