Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Weekend Workshop with Gloria Lemay

After I got home from my crazy-long drive down to Victoria for the HBA conference, I found out about a weekend workshop on Fear in Childbirth at Jenny Blyth’s property, with Gloria Lemay!

I was lucky enough that there was still a space available, so I cleared the rest of my week to spend as much time as possible with Littletree, and then got back in my car to drive up into Queensland for the weekend.

The workshop was so worth it. Jenny’s property is amazingly beautiful, with a feeling of expansive space.


The weather was great; a perfect setting for the workshop, which was held outdoors on a wooden stage.


I loved walking around the property during breaks, and swimming in the dam


On the Saturday night the outdoor pizza oven was fired up for a super-yummy dinner – pizza for 25 people :)


I learned so much from the workshop – Gloria Lemay is so great, and so hilarious!


It was definitely great to meet her! I can’t believe I spent the weekend with Anne Frye last weekend and Gloria Lemay this weekend.


I came home feeling recharged despite having driven around 4000km since last week. It was so wonderful to spend the weekend doing birthy stuff with a bunch of amazing women, and connecting with other conscious birth workers. And I got to stop in for a visit with the most gorgeous Ariad on the way home :D

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