Thursday, 27 May 2010


Littletree said she wants to go back to Brazil, and she wants to learn to speak Portuguese, so we went to the library to get a book to learn Portuguese. I found us some great lessons, with books and CDs, so we’ve been polishing up our language skills; it’s been more than six years since I had any practice in speaking Portuguese, and I keep getting mixed up with Spanish!

So at the library, it was story time, which we don’t go to much any more as it’s mostly aimed at pre-school aged kids, but this week, the librarian had brought in a cage full of ducklings for the kids to pet.


Littletree loved it, and of course now she really wants to get chicks :) So I’ll be amping up our mission to repair the aviary we have in our yard so we can have chickens.


I can’t wait to be having our own eggs! :)


  1. Good luck with the chickens! Mine have not laid in ages, the cheeky girls, they eat a lot but don't earn their keep! They are most beautiful though! :-)

  2. thanks karisma. I think we'll go for silky chickens, though it might be a bit of a long-term plan ;)

  3. Ducks can give you lovely eggs too. My dad lives in the tropics (Hawaii) and raises Muscovy ducks. They are pretty low maintenance and have delicious rich eggs. As a bonus, they pluck the property clean of centipedes and many other insects. Have fun!

  4. Fresh eggs will taste so good in the mornings.
    You can just see the love in little trees face looking at the ducks..great photo.

  5. I highly recommend Com Licenca if you already speak Spanish and want to get Portuguese down quickly and easily. This is the textbook that we used at UC Berkeley in the "Portuguese for Spanish Speakers" course, and after one semester of this we moved on to history and literature courses taught solely in Portuguese.

  6. Thanks for the tip Lisha. I do speak Portuguese already - I learned Portuguese living in Brazil for a year before I started learning Spanish. But yeah, it's been a long time, and I learned Hebrew since then as well.


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