Sunday, 2 September 2007

Rainbow Seed Camp Mission

This weekend we went out to the Rainbow site to start setting up the seed camp.

After a mammoth packing adventure, (how much stuff can one family need for three days??) We set off on the 3 hour drive.

When we got there, we started by putting up signs and markers on the road, so family can find the way...

We drove in on the entrance road, which is actually a 4WD track... but Sunshine made it! Man, that van is the best car ever! First she managed to tackle Puzzle Road, now she's slogged through the mud and bumps of a recently-washed-out four wheel drive track!

Once we managed to get into the site, we had a walk around, set up a Welcome Centre / Seed Camp kitchen, complete with a wood pile, shit pit with signs, and a beautiful spot next to the river. Though I imagine if we get serious heavy rains again the spot should be evacuated...

Hanging around near the Welcome Centre, we also saw a Red Bellied Black Snake, which are poisonous, but not aggressive unless provoked. So we just stared at each other for a while and moved on. But it was a nice reminder to walk gently on the earth, and maintain awareness.

Not too far past the Welcome Centre, we came across the most amazing natural amphitheatre. A perfectly flat semicircle of ground, ringed by a steep slope that could easily seat several hundred people :) Performance stage ready-to-go!

A little ways after that we came upon a nice open meadow, a good size for Main Circle near the river. After walking the site and not seeing any better Main Circle option, we painted a little sign and left it at that.

But the clincher was right next to the main circle; a little rivulet of sweet fresh water running down from the mountain!

It tasted great, and the stream came off a hill that looks high enough for a good gravity feed system, and providing several potential spots for main kitchen along its banks, not too far from main circle :D


We went on walking till the track ended in the river. Actually, there is a ford, and the track continues on the other side, but its not an easy crossing; freezing cold water (which I was happy to immerse myself in for a minute, but Purple and Littletree wouldn't even go deeper than their ankles, it was so cold), and it was about 50 metres to cross.

In this picture, the point that looks like the other side is in fact only half-way... its just little islets in the middle. No doubt some intrepid folk will camp on the other side, but we suspect that the majority of the gathering will be before the ford. Also possible there's some more interesting spots further upstream on the same side of the river, but finding that will be the privilege of someone who isn't walking with a 4-year-old ;)

Anyway, here's some more beautiful scenes of the site for those with pixel fixations...


  1. Hi, cool to see what your doing! Love the Barbie stuff-that is so hilarious out in the bush!! Any way have fun

  2. Hello -- thanks for visiting my blog, I'm enjoying yours! I've always been interested in the Rainbow gatherings, so I'm excited to come across a first-person account!

    Borrow whatever code you like. :) I don't think I came up with it anyway, lol. In any case, you might let Doc know that they other code didn't work.

  3. Where did the horses come from?



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