Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My Little Aggravator

I was just lying with Littletree for a cuddle, and said to her:
"I'm so happy you chose me to be your mama."
She replied:
"I'm so happy you chose me to be your aggravator"


I have been hard at work dealing with our online photo albums... thus far, we've been happily at Yahoo!, which is annoying for not retaining full-size pics, or the functionality of many sites, but, the wonderful thing is that its not an online "community" of people who do searches and view photos of strangers and comment on them.
Which means that I cant post any pics with nudity.
I had this issue with many photo websites; they delete all my birth photos, because of the nudity. even nude baby photos. and being a Midwife, I have a lot of birth photos, many of them I want to store in online albums. I want these albums to be public, but I dont want them to be on public searches. I like that I can just post a link to my albums, and my friends can find them no worries. So Yahoo! works for me.

The bastards at Yahoo! have decided to merge with Flickr and close down the Yahoo!Photos. GRRR. So, all my online pics got transferred over to Flickr. see the pretty new gadget I have in my sidebar... You can go to my photos page, feel free to browse. there's more than 1,700 photos there, most of which are of Littletree being cute. They used to be (mostly) in some sort of order, but now... well, the albums are organised into sets. I went through all the pics with nudity (mostly birth pics) and made them private, so if you want to see those ones, you need to join Flickr and become my friend. At some point I might find some way of inviting people or something... but not today.

Anyway, I posted this nice pic of Littletree, being gorgeous, just because its a really cute photo. Though its from almost a year ago; before she had dreadlocks. (oh those gorgeous ginger curls!)

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  1. What a doll!

    I'll have to go over and look at your birth photos-sometime. I too like to take them.


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