Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Can't Stop Reading

Littletree is so engrossed in reading lately, she's chewing through books faster than we can get more from the library!

I can't even get her to stop reading when we're walking around...

I tried telling her to go and spend some time outside in the sunshine...

I told her to go play and climb trees...

Even when she's supposed to be practising her cartwheels for circus class, she manages to do them one-handed and keeps reading!

People keep telling me that kids who are allowed to structure their own time and have unrestricted access to a computer will spend all their time in front of a video game and never do anything academic or go outdoors... I'm sure that will kick in any day now.


  1. Aww she is getting so big. :-) Wish I could do perfect cartwheels like you littletree. <3

  2. Glad to read from you again! I was a tad worried about all these months of silence...
    And, yes, kids can read in any poisition they choose...

  3. You're a couple days late but look, here you are again! Love from all...J

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  7. Hasn't she grown! Miss chatting with you MF xxx Linda xxx


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)