Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Home Sweet Home

The journey was long and arduous – not so bad, as far as international travel goes, but still about 14 hours all up, with two flights and a 3 1/2 hour stopover in Darwin, all overnight.

So it was a rough night. Littletree slept through the meal, and then wouldn’t eat it later when she was hungry because it was cold, and then wanted to save it for later, but it was seized by customs in Darwin (because a vegetarian pasta airline meal poses a threat to national security). So she was hungry and she whinged a lot. But she still managed to sleep for most of both the flights and the stopover.

In Bali, they wouldn’t let me take my mandolin as a carry-on and I was terrified that it would be damaged if I checked it in, but it did arrive safely, as did all our luggage, and us.

Lady Demelza and Uncle CJ were waiting to pick us up at the airport (so lovely to be met at the airport!) and whisk us home to our beds.

We got home totally exhausted, but happy to see that in our absence, Lady Demelza had spent a lot of time decorating our house and preparing it for winter.

Winter-weight curtains up in the living room

56 welcome home

pictures up on all the walls

57 welcome home

Littletree’s crafting and studying nook all organised and prettified

58 welcome home

Books sorted into the bookshelf

59 welcome home

And the whole place spic and span and scrubbed spotless.

So glad to be home again, and sleeping in our own beds. Though we do miss our “second home” on Gili Air.

I finally got all the photos uploaded, you can see the whole album HERE


  1. Welcome home :) And to go totally off topic.....didn't I read an article that you wrote years ago, about the foundation of school, and how it was set up to keep kids busy after they were freed from the mines? To keep them busy until they reached an adult age and out of the workforce?? I was sure I read it, and I can't find it on your site anymore.....it was an awesome article :) Would like to reference it for a blog essay I'm writing.....

    And big love to you and Littletree!! Would love to let our eyes set on your beautiful faces again sometime soon.....

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