Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Birthday Littletree

Sunday was Littletree’s 10th birthday, and since she was still tired and jetlagged from her trip, we planned to have a quiet day doing whatever she wants, and save the big birthday party for next weekend.

She didn’t know it, but I went in together with my parents to get her a trampoline; quite a fancy one. I woke her up with snuggles in the morning


and brought her out to the balcony to greet the sunrise… and see…





Then we went for a swim in the creek


And a trip into town to play Ingress while learning about local landmarks.

2013 - 1 (4)

2013 - 1 (1)

Littletree hacked many portals

2013 - 1 (3)

Then we went wandering around the shopping mall, because Littletree needed new shorts (she just keeps getting bigger!) and we stopped for morning tea, and then had sushi for lunch

2013 - 1 (5)

Followed by Littletree’s favourite; Indian take-away for dinner with a video.

2013 - 1 (2)

Then we snuggled up together and read stories. Littletree said it was her best birthday ever. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Littletree!!!!
    A day all for herself sometimes can be even better than a big party.
    Last week I had the Big party for my daughter's 9th birthday and in the end she was too tired to even realise what was happening...

    BTW, you have to update your daughter age on the "about me" text. 8-)

    1. thanks, and good tip!
      and happy birthday to your girl :)

  2. Happy Birthday Littletree, I wish you all the best, and enjoy your day:)


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