Monday, 5 November 2012

Hallowe’en Party

We left off right at the point of leaving for the most awesome home schoolers All Hallow’s Eve party with Littletree getting into her costume

The party was an incredible success, about 20 kids of ages ranging from about 4 to about 16. The hosting family had gone all out with decorations and spooky food, it was so much fun.

Littletree had a ball – the hosting family have an acre of land, with a massive trampoline and playground set-up, and one of the home school group mamas set up a disco in the carport, complete with laser lights and smoke machine.

Epic fun.

Here’s a few select photos, but you can see the whole album here:

03 jack o lantern

04 Jo just normal

05 coffin

06 graveyard

17 feast

21 cat

28 trampoline

30 disco

38 disco ela

41 disco

56 all the kids


  1. Lovely picture of you dancing! :) Seems like a lot of fun.

    1. thanks, I love that pic of me too, might be my favourite pic of me, I was having a great time

    2. AND you're wearing the dress I painstakingly made (slash altered by hand from a skirt and top)... which makes me so happy to see you are wearing it! So pretty on you... Maybe I'm even a little jealous... ;-)

    3. Well, you know Bonnie, if you came back, you could wear that dress too :-P

  2. Awesome looking party, and all that food!

    I've been a long time reader for a while, but never commented. Slack I know :-) I'm also originally from the Grafton/Yamba area.

    My dreads are about to turn two next month, yay! With yours, do you do anything to help them dread at the roots? I've never had any maintenance on mine, but I've heard the Organic Dreadlocks people in QLD are very good.

    1. Thanks Lily :) I don't do any maintenance on my dreads, except for washing and drying regularly.
      But the Organic Dreadlocks people are good - I know them personally and they're lovely and make great dreads.


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