Sunday 27 December 2015

Family Christmas

The past few years, since Littletree and I went through a major shift in our lives, we've been celebrating Christmas. Just quietly, in our own way. The last two years we went down to spend the holiday with my family in South Australia, but that wasn't possible this year, so we created our own special family here at home.

Littletree got involved with the google+ Secret Santa, which was awesome

We created a geeky Christmas "tree" -a binary tree made of coat hangers in a tree formation hung with manila file folders and decorated with broken tech - old USB cables, wonky gadgets, broken ADSL splitters - our 'Angel' was Andy the Android and of course we added a TARDIS.

Gifts we kept simple - of course a few sneaky treats for Littletree from Doctor Who (because we don't believe in Santa)
Naturally, every time Littletree wasn't looking, "The Doctor" popped by with his TARDIS and left another little present

We kept it simple with gifts; aside from her much appreciated Secret Santa hoard of Doctor Who merchandise and Art supplies, Littletree got a portable bluetooth speaker from me and Shark Girl

I gave Shark Girl a gift that was more shark wrapping than actual gift, and Littletree gave her a book about sharks with an altered book cover that she'd made herself

And Littletree and Shark Girl together got me the most incredible gift - a really nice Android Tablet :) Which is super cool and replaces the old iPad that I won back in 2010 (amazingly the 5 year old iPad still 'works' but thanks to Apple's stupid closed system, the device is completely obsolete and unusable - ironic to turn it on and find that it can't update anything and most apps aren't supported on this "out of date" technology).

I also got a very treasured gift - a friend back in Israel sent me copies of my two favourite picture books that we always travelled with and that I read to Littletree every day when she was small. I lost our original copies under sad circumstances, and I missed them very much. So it feels extra special to get these; even if only for nostalgic reasons. And I'm teaching Littletree to read more in Hebrew.

The three of us all hand-painted little singlets for the fresh baby our new housemates had (he's 6 weeks old now!)

And we had a few good friends around for an awesome barbecue. Simple, delicious. Fun times!


  1. None of the photos worked out!! Such a shame, cause I'm enjoying your return to blogging :)

    1. Yeah a few people told me the photos don't show up. Only I can see them on my phone just fine.
      Not quite sure how to fix that - I don't have a computer at the moment.
      But I'll blame Google photos because all the pics are pulled from there

  2. Oh how lovely to see you back on the blogging thing! Loving reading your updates MF xxx

    Linda ( a-o-t-e )

  3. Ciao!
    Glad to see you are back blogging.
    I really missed your adventures.
    Please do something about the pics.
    Andrea from Italy

  4. I am so overwhelmed to see your family-Christmas photographs. I bet you all had wonderful time there. Well, I missed my family-Christmas party this year. Actually I couldn’t visit my home city. But I had fun time with my friends at the late night Christmas party at the best New York venues.

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