Friday, 28 November 2008

Drowning in Printer Packaging

My replacement printer arrived, which was nice. The packaging was incredibly funny though.

It came in a MASSIVE box with this printed on the top:


"You'll like what's NOT in this carton

You'll like what you don't see: NO plastic peanuts, NO polyfoam, NO loose mess - nothing that isn't conscious of the environment.

This carton is made from recycled materials. We recycle our own cardboard and paper to form part of the recycled cardboard used to manufacture cartons..."

Well, it all sounds very nice, BUT, the printer itself came in it's own box, which was inside this box.


So, basically, the fancy environmental, recycled box was just a waste of a box for no good reason. CIMG5093

Then we open the printer box to be greeted by a paper warning me not to touch the print head and to be careful of the ink cartridges.

So I took that paper out, and what was under it?

Another paper warning me to be very careful of the print head and the ink cartridges.

Sounds serious! I started getting nervous about the handling of said print head and ink cartridges!


So under the second warning paper, the printer was encased in polystyrene and wrapped in a plastic bag

I took the plastic bag off, to reveal...

CIMG5096Another plastic bag.

Once that was off, the printer was covered in protective plastic strips, with a warning notice about loading the paper.


So much for "environmental" packaging!

I opened up the manual to begin set-up, and the first page was... you guessed it! Another warning about handling the print head and ink cartridges! CIMG5100

Then I opened the front of the printer, as per the instruction manual, only to be greeted by...


Just in case you missed the first thousand warning notices!

Anyway, I got through the set-up pretty easily, and so far so good, it all works nicely :) It has all kinds of fun features, the best being that it works through our wireless network, so I don't have yet another cable tangling up my jungle of cables, and I can print from wherever I'm sitting with the laptop; even out in the garden!

And by pure coincidence, the printer totally coordinates with my laptop! shiny silver with glossy black trim! I hadn't even thought of that part when I chose which printer to buy, but it's a nice bonus :)



  1. Happy Printer to you,
    Happy Printer to YOU,
    Happy printer Dear MF,
    Happy Printer to YOU!!!

    Good Luck with the enviromentally friendly and responsible disposal of all that packaging. Oh, and don't forget................


  2. Eeeesh! Do you use that lap top screen to eat off of?


  3. thanks leon. i knew someone would have to say something about that. y'know, i have a five year old
    and you can't see that the screen is dirty when it's turned on.

  4. I totally agree with the packaging... so frustrating!

    And your laptop screen? Forget about it! My monitor screen is only nor covered with dust when my dog licks it clean!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)