Monday 16 June 2008


We arrived to Phuket town bus station to be greeted by Frangipani and Jo. After our harrowing journey, I was so glad they were still there to meet us, especially since we arrived much later than we'd thought.

They took us home in their jeep, and showed us to our room so we could shower, rest and relax.

06 our roomWow! The house is absolutely gorgeous; they've been hard at work decorating, nesting for the new baby to arrive. The house is so full of plants and greenery, one could almost feel in a forest, and my room is decorated with really nice lighting and hanging baskets, cool and breezy in shades of citrus and green :)

Frangipani has set up her birthing pool and birth space in a way that would put the fanciest private birth centre to shame; surrounded by plants, in a cozy corner overlooking the ocean with candles and soft lighting.08 birthing pool

The house is amazingly, right next to the sea, and in a kind of remote place with no near neighbours. For Phuket, it's a real paradise.

We all settled right in, and quickly made friends with Frangipani and Jo, enjoying leisurely breakfasts out on the patio.12 patio Followed by gorgeous sunsets from the upstairs living room.15 sunset

We started catching up on our pre-natal checks, and now not much is left but waiting for the baby to come :) 11 franziska



  1. Her birthing suite looks like bliss in the physical form. Delightful!

  2. Gorgeous home and beautiful mama! Lucky baby! All our best to the mama-to-be. :)

  3. Has Littletree attended a birth before?

  4. yep, littletree has been at several births :) she's becoming quite a good little birth assistant!


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